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Can Someone Stop Google?

Can Someone Stop Google? Google is the biggest search engine out there and it doesn’t even think to stop growing, but not everyone is happy about that growth. Well, firstly the competitors like Yahoo and Bing that don’t even have a third of the market, but now the government of USA is concerned about the massive growth of Google and it dominating the whole niche.

USA and Europe are doing regulations for Google. Read more what are their plans and what is Google planning to do about.

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Why No-Follow Links Are Still Worth It

Why No-Follow Links Are Still Worth ItThe messages are mixed when it comes to no-follow links. The thing that Google do not like is cloaking. They feel that any page should be easily accessed by a website user. Other than password protected pages (on which they are a bit sketchy) they do not want people cloaking web pages.

People may stop Google from crawling web pages using the rel = “nofollow” and/or JavaScript. When it comes to asking engines not to follow a hyperlink you may use javascript link scrambling (knowing that the engines cannot yet read it correctly), or use the html attribute rel = “nofollow”. Read more


Doing SEO After Penguin Update: Strategies that will Help Your Site Recover

Doing SEO After Penguin Update: Strategies that will Help Your Site RecoverMany webmasters have barely recovered from the wrath of Google Panda, when just in April 2012, another flurry of updates has been made – Google Penguin. Obviously, people behind Google have the penchant of naming these algorithm updates after cute animals – is it perhaps to lessen the notorious impression that such updates have on website owners? Read more