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Top 3 Methods to Deal With Bad Links Pointed to Your Website

bad backlinksBacklinking strategy, also known as offsite SEO is very powerful strategy to improve your rankings and attract more visitors to your website. However, not all links pointed to your website are good, which can seriously harm reputation of your website. It can be very frustrating and often time-consuming to deal with all those bad links. Here are few methods I have implemented into my strategy against bad links: Read more


How Can You Grow Your Online Business by Commenting on Blogs?

Blog CommentingAre you ignoring one of the more effective free business growing strategies out there? Commenting on high ranking blogs relevant to your online business niche can help expand your opportunity with alarming speed. Blog commenting takes some patience, if you want to do it the proper way, but the returns you receive are quite amazing. Always seek to make an impact when you decide to comment on a relevant blog. Forget about trying to get a backlink or even trying to grow your home business. Focus instead of providing useful, relevant content each time you publish one of your creations on high profile blogs. Read more


Email Marketing Still Effective In 2012 (If Done Right)

Email Marketing Still Effective In 2012 (If Done Right)For those who had signed off Email marketing from their online marketing strategies, 2012 has been an eye opener for sure and many people might want to reconsider.

Getting access to emails is no longer confined to logging on through PCs or laptops only. The door is now open for almost all kinds of mobile devices and smart phones. In fact, with the launch of so many tablets in the market recently, researchers have found that tablet users convert 5 times more effectively in response to email marketing. Read more


Forum Marketing “Magic” – Strict To The Point Money Making Advice

Forum Marketing “Magic” – Strict To The Point Money Making AdviceDid you know that countless “average guys” are banking 5 to 6 figures monthly by just using forum marketing? It does sound totally sick, but it’s true.

There is a lot that you can do wrong when it comes to forum marketing, especially when you are just getting started. Since you are reading this post on an online marketing based blog, I assume that you are an online marketer who is aiming to make more money, using the internet. Read more


Six Original Ways For Charities To Raise Money Online

Six Original Ways For Charities To Raise Money OnlineIn charities, fundraising is of paramount importance. While organisations of all kinds have been using clever and exciting methods to raise capital – such as the now run-of-the-mill sponsored hair cut – these methods are beginning to become tiresome.

A really successful fundraising plan needs to be original and it needs to stand out as something which will attract people. Here, we look at six great ways to raise money using the Internet with originality guaranteed. Read more