An Introduction To VAS For Webmasters

An Introduction To VAS For WebmastersVAS stands for Virtual Assistant Services, which essentially entails a range of services fulfilled by an online service. This is essentially like having a personal assistant, but only for tasks that can be carried out remotely over an internet connection and for a much smaller amount of money. Typically you might pay a virtual assistant $20-$200 a month, and for that amount they’d respond to a varying number of e-mails in order to carry out a range of jobs on your behalf.

This is a fantastic form of outsourcing that allows you to spend less time on tasks that could be delegated and thus gives you more time to focus on doing crucial things for your site that only you can carry out. You wouldn’t get a virtual assistant to write content for your site for instance or to handle web design (English isn’t their first language, and they tend not to have specialist skills), but you could very easily get them to find you guest blogs to post on and research to write from and maybe to respond to e-mails from fans of your site.

Using VAS is a great way for a webmaster to increase their output for a website and to get more done while improving the quality of the end product. Read on to find out how you can get the most out of these services and what you can do with them in more detail…

Finding Other Services: One great use for VAS is to help you find other specialists to outsource your workload too. The whole point of using a graphic designer or a web designer is to save you time, so you shouldn’t be wasting that time searching through resumes and responding to e-mails. Ask your VAS to find you a designer then and you’ll be presented with a useful list of the most affordable and high quality options available.

Getting You Links: SEO is more difficult these days and requires you to approach webmasters carefully and form relationships before asking for links to your site. Again, this is a time consuming process so why not ask your VAS to do the groundwork for you?

Sending Out Press Release: Another marketing-focussed job you can get a VAS to do is to send out press releases to websites and magazines to generally promote your site or to inform them about a particular promotion you’re doing. Rather than trawl suitable websites for links, why not just ask your VAS to do that and to send your information out with a personalised covering letter? This is the sort of thing they excel at.

Proof-Reading and Editing: If you’re updating your website and you know it has a lot of mistakes on the old pages, then you need to make sure you find and remove those in order to create the upmost professionalism. This is another time-consuming task though which you could always get your VAS to do instead.

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Today’s featured writer, Nancy Baker, writes for Trice Web Development, a professional website company in Toronto. She likes to blog and often shares her thoughts and views on how a website should look. In her free time, she likes to indulge in travelling and adventure sports. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.


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    Great tips on hiring VA’S, I am looking forward to hiring Several VA’S to handle my backlinking tasks. Thanks for the insights
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