How Your Website Looks On A Mobile Device

Mobile is booming. More and more people are using their mobile phones to search the internet, check out your Google analytics to see how much traffic comes from mobile devices. For me it’s 9% of my traffic. Well, that isn’t too huge of a number, but certainly not too little to ignore. It’s almost one tenth of my visitors and for you it might be even more.

Go to Uphill Mobile  , they have created a simple application that allows you to see how your site looks like on a smart phone, it’s a very handy dandy tool.

Now that you have seen your site on mobile can you say that you would enjoy browsing your blog on a mobile device? If not go and finally take action to optimize your website for mobile devices. Here’s a list of 10 services, paid and free to make your website mobile friendly.


A great new resource that I just found about making your website mobile friendly which goes in depth in all of the details of the importance of mobile optimization and the how to. Check it out here.


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