How To Start Building A List In 4 Easy Steps

build a listThe most profitable, safe and easy way to make money online is by building a list. It’s estimated that one email subscriber is worth an average of $40 or one email subscriber on your list is worth an average of $1/ month. So, if you have a list of 1000 subscribers you should be earning $1000/month ehhh not quite. These numbers are only achieved by advanced marketers and certainly not by newbies. So, when building a list don’t get demotivated that your numbers will be much lower.

Building a list is safe, because no one can actually shut you down, if you are building a video channel, your videos can be shut down without a reason, if you are building a blog, Google can penalize you, if you are building a Facebook fanpage, you can also get shut down for no reason, or maybe one day Facebook will become unpopular and people will stop using it and you will stop getting traffic.

With a list you can feel safe, because no one can shut you down that easily and no one will even try unless you will spam hard, but I know you wont do that and there’s no signs of people stopping to use emails.

Make money with an email list is relatively easy, though you can earn much more with good copywriting skills, but even with average abilities you can make money. So, how do you start building a list?

Step 1

Get an Autoresponder. An Autoresponder is a tool that sends out the emails to your list of email subscribers. There’s two types of Autoresponders self hosted (not recommended) and not self hosted (recommended). Getting your own email server is an unnecessary struggle. So, I recommend to order a service which has already taken care of the mailing servers and are renting them for you. There are several autoresponders that I recommend. ListWire – use it, if you are broke, because it’s free and then there’s GetReesponse and Aweber the leaders of autoresponder niche. You can sign up for Aweber by clicking the banner on the right side of the blog.

Step 2

Now that you got an autoresponder you need to set it up. I wont go through all the stuff, but just give you some tips that might get you wondering. Use single optin to get more leads and sales and don’t waste your advertising, ask only for an email address  in your optin form to also get more subscribers and that’s pretty much it, you should easily set up everything else on your own without thinking twice.

Step 3

Create your squeeze page. A squeeze page is a page where you send visitors and there they optin and become a subscriber of yours. There’s many different ways of getting it set up, you can code it yourself with HTML, you can use a template and just put in your optin form code, or you can use a ready made system like

Step 4

Now the last step to start building a list is to drive traffic to your squeeze page. There’s tons of ways to do that paid and free, just to name a few PPC, Twitter, Facebook, Solo ads, blogging, video marketing etc. I recommend to concentrate on one free traffic method and the profits that you get you can spend on paid traffic methods.

So, there you have it a short blueprint how to start building a list, if something is unclear just leave your questions in the comment are below.

Effective list building isn’t just an easy 4 step process, there’s a lot of variables in the process like the squeeze page conversion, getting quality traffic and so on, if you are a newbie I would definitely recommend to use a ready made system which is proven to convert, all is left for you to master is the 4th step - driving traffic. The system that I recommend which has all the parts covered is Empower Network click here to join, if you have any questions about it you can add me on Skype. ID: liudasbiz


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