How International Members Can Succeed In Any MLM

Are you one of those people who want to make money from Multi Level Marketing companies? You joined an MLM company through internet and all your sponsor tells you to do is to pick up the phone and start calling people and introduce your opportunity to them, maybe even hold a hotel meeting, of course after you have talked with your friends and family. Well, all this stuff sounds good, but there’s one problem – you are an international member.

Your friends and family doesn’t speak English, in your area there isn’t a lot of people to host a hotel meeting and of course international calls are expensive. So, how the hell should you promote your MLM business? Now don’t worry, if you have the Internet which I guess you have, because you are reading this article then you can make money with your MLM. Also these tactics are helpful for introverted people.

Building A List

Now, because you are an international member you should be using the internet for marketing and the first place to start marketing online is to start building a list. You build a squeeze page, send traffic to it and that traffic converts into leads that you can mail and convert them into buyers of your MLM. Now converting just through email isn’t easy, it requires some good copywriting skills, but building a list is a must, you can use it to sell other stuff, like marketing training for your MLM leads to make some money for advertising.

Add Them On Skype

When building a list you will get people subscribing, but you will eventually see that just a small portion of them are actually interested in your MLM and that to others you should just sell other products. I recommend to get that small portion of people who are interested in your opportunity added on Skype. You can do that by putting your Skype ID at the bottom of your emails that you send and write something like “add me on Skype, if you want to learn more about X company”. You will get people that are very interested in your MLM and then you can talk one on one with them, either by calling them or by chat. This is a very powerful tactic, but you also need to have a big list to get consistent leads on Skype. Also it is easy to talk with these people, because they have added you on Skype, they want more info and that makes you an authority.

Another way of getting leads on Skype, which I think is pretty similar to calling random people from the phone book, though there’s a big chance that they wont answer. Search Google for Skype ID’s and add them on Skype do let them know before hand that you would like to talk about business, if they approve you you start up a conversation, get to know them a little and find out are they open for a business opportunity, if not it’s okay, maybe they will in the future.

For using this tactic I recommend to create a new Skype account just for business and for searching Skype ID’s I recommend this free tool:   

Now, if you aren’t yet in any MLM business or even, if you are I recommend to join Empower Network. EN is a perfect opportunity, it pays 100% commissions for your efforts, there are several high ticket products and a few low ticket items. EN is an automated system, the whole funnel is built for you all you need to do is to send traffic to it and take the money.

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