5 Lessons And Insights About Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising lessons and insightsJust recently I have tried out Facebook ads. I was thinking of ways how to promote our self-improvement business, we had a little bit of money and I decided to go for Facebook ads. We already have a pretty neat Facebook fanpage which you can find right here: https://www.facebook.com/Goalzila and that was another reason to choose Facebook ads and not any other advertising method.  

In this blog post I want to share some insights and lessons that I got from running this ad, I will try to list as many as I can remember.

My Facebook Ad Campaign Stats

Advertising Budget

Facebook doesn’t allow you to start and ad, if you don’t spend at least $31 for it. I wanted to spend just $25, but they didn’t let me. Another thing on almost the same topic that I want to share is that you don’t need to pay for the advertising as soon as you buy it (at least for the CPC method). Well, this is pretty logical, because, if you pay and they can’t deliver it, it would be extra hustle to refund the money. You pay for the advertising in periods, I think every week or so.

Ad Image

Before designing your ad image, make sure to read the rules. You can’t use words in your ad image like “get it now”, “buy now” etc. I learnt this shortly after I sent my first ad for review. The ads get reviewed very fast, I should say.

Ad Conversion

Not sure, if I were lucky or what, but my first ad had a CTR of 0.942% which is pretty high compared to other marketers. I found some stats on Google saying that 0.11%-0.16% is an optimal CTR for a Facebook ad, though I think I have heard from some marketers that they get around 1.2% CTR and then they are happy. Anyways I think I have done good with the CTR.

Cost Per Click

When you are creating your ad on Facebook and choose to use the CPC method you will get very high suggested bids. For me I think they suggested ~$1,20 per click which for my budget would mean that I would have gotten less than 30 clicks for $30. Very expensive. I put the suggested bid at $1. I have heard before that you don’t necessarily pay the bid that you choose and now I had the chance to see it for myself.

As I said I entered $1 for the bid but my cost per click for this campaign was only $0,18. I got 171 clicks for $31. I think having a high CTR lower down the cost per click, so aim to improve it.

Track Your Links

The biggest and the most stupid mistake that I have made was that I didn’t track my links. I was promoting a short Facebook update with a link to my squeeze page. Hint: it costs less to promote Facebook pages than other websites, because Facebook doesn’t like its visitors leave. So, I put the link, but I didn’t put any tracking and I can’t tell how many clicks did I got for my squeeze page and how many leads did I got. Yes, that was a stupid mistake that I made, but we learn from our mistakes.

I think that’s all that I learnt about Facebook advertising, if you have any questions about Facebook ads leave them in the comments section below and I will try to answer them.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m just about to start looking into Facebook ads due to their targeting capabilities, and this was a really helpful overview to start my research with.
    Brandy Anderson recently posted..Offshoring with ShakespeareMy Profile

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