Why Most of the Bloggers Quit ?

quit blogging, persistence 1. Burnout

Since writing is a creative activity, a writer needs time to sharpen the saw. Usually, a blogger writes tons of articles weekly especially when the blog is new. Later, the hardworking blogger scrounges for the latest news or information that he can write about. The result is an over exhausted individual who has lost sleep. The blogger spent endless hours in front of the PC at the cost of his physical and social well being. Avoid this pitfall by developing a schedule for writing. Aim for a balanced work schedule so you can always have a fresh outlook when writing.

2. Having a Wrong Purpose

The media often distorts the life of virtual worker or blogger. They often portray distorted lifestyles and high income that mislead many bloggers. The reality is that you can’t earn tons of money at the very start. Bloggers with big income have spent years of building their site through failures. They have spent money and tried many tools until they have reached the right strategy. If your purpose is to earn boatloads of money, it won’t happen overnight to a blogger. Write for your audience first and the reward will come later.

3. Inability to Handle Failure

Failure can come in many forms – poor following, low page rankings, and bare income. Even if you add a post to your blog daily, it is not a guarantee that this will attract traffic. You need to market your site aside from hoping that people will visit your site. Low page rankings after some month can really be discouraging since this equates to poor income. Some writers rely on one tactic alone like Adsense to make some money. If you cannot handle failure as a blogger, you will easily become demotivated. The best approach is persist and educate yourself about online marketing methods.

4. Spreading Yourself Too Thin

It all began with writing for your site; then, your attention focused on other things. Next thing you do is try to learn web development or web design which is not really your cup of tea. It’s not bad to learn new things and expand your horizon; however, this takes you away from your core competence. Learning a new skill demands more time as your learning curve increases. However, you also have to balance your priorities like maintaining your site. Learning too much can result to burnout which was explained in the first part of this article. Just continue in strengthening your writing skill.

5. Lack of Persistence

Once you have found the right purpose in doing business online, the next thing to do is have commitment. You need to persist every day to succeed. Most people who succeed virtually took years of building strong networks. Good bloggers built relationships with other website owners. They persisted despite numerous rejections. If you observe carefully the effects of Panda updates, you would realize that Google wanted good content. Now, producing quality content takes patience and a strong will. You can’t simply copy other people’s work lest you suffer consequences.

Overall, you should begin with a realistic goal. Then, educate yourself on how to succeed online through blogging. Instill in yourself time management skills so you can work productively. Then, work on strengthening your mental fortitude so you can handle anything that comes along your way. Learn from mentors by studying their style or business model. The online world is full of success stories for people who are patient enough. Now that you have learned these pointers, you can continue your blogging with the right attitude.

Author Bio:

Jason Smith is an online consultant for ABWE. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation. In his free time he likes to study about web designing and practice Jiu Jitsu.


2 comments on “Why Most of the Bloggers Quit ?

  1. As a very part time blogger, I can relate and have abandoned my blogs for long periods of time and then gone back to them. I have left mainly because of lack of traffic or lack of time to put into it or just getting burned out. I have been working on marketing lately – not my favorite thing to do, but important.

    • ledux says:

      Yeah blogging can get very demotivating, you write write write and you don’t see an increase in traffic, just keep going and learning.

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