How To Acquire A Higher YouTube Ranking

ranking videos, video marketingAfter the Penguin and Panda updates, a lot of online businesses have to rethink of their SEO strategies. Most have chosen to veer away from Google for some time as a means of recovering from the setbacks. But if you look at it positively, it’s also a challenge for web owners to seek creative ways to make their sites rank well. One of the channels that websites utilize nowadays are YouTube channels. Why so? To begin with, YouTube attracts millions of viewers on a daily basis. People search for information, entertainment, or even business products on this platform. So, gaining a large percentage of audience in this site can mean good things for your business. 

First, having a YouTube channel can establish brand recognition. The first aspect in marketing is about awareness – which is critical for any new business. People won’t even recognize your brand especially if you don’t promote your product or service. Make sure that you emphasize your unique selling proposition so you can stand out from the rest of the crowd. Once you get the attention of your target audience, traffic will grow organically which attracts Google’s attention. Conversion into sales can possibly happen once people get well-informed about your helpful product or service.

How to Get YouTube Ranking

Step 1

Every time a video is added, maximize all the fields. This doesn’t simply mean writing blurbs that describes your video. Instead , you must pay attention to the most basic aspect of page ranking – keyword research.

Find the most competitive and relevant keyword that’s appropriate for your video. Don’t get lazy on this one because the pay off could lead to better rankings. However, don’t overdo it by stuffing the video name and description with main keywords. Create a variety to make it look natural. Produce many keywords that are long tail by adding modifiers to your base keyword. Try to use Google Adword tool for KW research or Word Tracker. Choose the KW carefully by addressing the real content of the video. Make sure that you also have the right tags so viewers can easily access your videos.

Step 2 

Make your video readable. This simply means providing a transcription of your video especially if it’s an informative one. Let’s say that you’re presenting the benefits of your weight loss product, people will appreciate if you provide a clear written transcription that they can browse. Make sure that the transcription has a call of action as well to point people to your main site. It would be a waste to have a great video with poorly-written transcription. You can outsource the transcription writing to Odesk, Craigslist or Freelancer to save you time. A five-minute transcription can take you half an hour or more so have it outsourced. Another good thing about transcribing your video is making sure that Google can index it properly. This means your YouTube can be found by people even while looking at Google. Actually, this is how many people find videos especially informative ones.

Step 3 

Aim for higher views by promoting your channel. You don’t expect the videos to attract people naturally unless you act on them. Share them on Facebook, Tweet updates, and get busy on social networking. Avoid spamming on forums because this is unethical. Try to share them also on Google+ circles but add some basic comments. The comments must be some form of link baiting that will get the attention of your target audience.

Step 4

Make your audience interact with your video. They will definitely be moved into action especially if your videos are really wonderful. The interaction can be in the form of comments (although expect some spamming), “thumbs up”, and social shares. If you are keen on your rankings, check the algorithm report produced by YouTube. Check everything – visitors, audience, and other metrics that you can improve on.

Acquiring a good ranking in You Tube isn’t really that hard especially if you’re wiling to do your homework. Produce videos that will really provide value to your target market. This is a good marketing practice. Outsource jobs if you need to because your precious time should be given to planning more projects than doing routine tasks like transcription. Most of all, avoid black hat tactics that promise instant results. Remember, you want your business to thrive for the long haul.

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Jason Smith consults companies on online marketing, product development, and strategy. During his free time he enjoys reading about human behavior and visits church san jose regularly.


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