The Perception of Google+ as a Social Media Network

The Perception of Google+ as a Social Media NetworkWhen most people think of Google+, which rolled out more than a year ago, they see it as a social media network. After all, the site has ways to connect with friends, acquaintances, and new people and businesses in a social manner. That seems to be the definition of social media. However, those who created Google+ do not like to call it a social networking tool. They believe that too many people are comparing Google+ to Facebook, the current social media king. Google believes that they have a program that has far more features and options than a mere social network, and they think that this is one of the problems causing it to have a lower rate of adoption than FB.

Google+ is Very Ambitious

One of the things that you will find is that Google+ certainly does have quite a few ambitions to help set them apart from other social networks. Even though Google+ does have social interaction and it is an important part of the site, the social interactions are not the only thing that it offers. The designers of Google+ see it as an upgrade to all of the other services and products that Google has. It merges the user with these products more closely, and that is why it sees itself as something much more than just a social network.

What Features Make Google+ Unique?

What Features Make Google+ Unique?Since the company claims that they have features that help to set them apart from all of the social networks out there, one has to look at the different features to see just what it is that they offer. Here are some of the top features that the users of Google+ really do find to be quite useful.

Circles are one of the first things that people notice when they first start to use the site. With the Circles, it is possible to organize and separate people so that you will be able to keep better track of them. It is a good way to organize the stream so that you can determine who gets to see which of your posts. In the beginning, the Circles might take some time to understand, but they really are quite easy to use.

Another one of the features that uses enjoy is Hangouts. This is a group video chat option, which can hold up to ten people. They allow users to chat with one another, which can be helpful for a family who does not get to see one another often. It can also be helpful for those who need to hold meetings or small online classes. Users will find quite a few handy functions as well. IT is possible to choose not to have anyone see or hear you. You can watch YouTube videos together, and it is even possible to text others while watching.

Uploading photos and sharing them is a part of just about every social media site out there today. However, Google+ does things just a bit differently. You will be able to upload to Google’s Piccasaweb albums and then share them with others on Google+

Is It Really Different?

While it is true that many of the features have similarities to other sites, they are able to integrate all of the other features of Google into one place. This makes it quite useful for those who are already making use of other Google tools. It is relatively easy to learn, and it can be quite fun. While you might not give up all of your other networks to use this exclusively, it is something that you may want to consider. Everyone knows just how much of an impact Google has had on society in general, and in the coming years, it is possible that Google+ will become the place to be online.

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