My Content Marketing Strategy For 2013 – No More Crap

content marketing strategy for 2013Not that long ago I talked about cleaning up my blog (read it right here) from duplicate content, short content, outdated content, all in all – crap. That crap got me penalized on Google and because I don’t have huge social media followings or any other reliable traffic source, my blog stagnated. The traffic dropped and I stopped generating leads. So, I started cleaning everything up and deleted more than a hundred blog posts.

Sometime has passed and the traffic didn’t come back. Bummer. Today, going through some guest posts that people send me, I stopped at one suspicious post. After the first penalty that I got from Google I started checking the quality of articles very carefully. I pasted the first paragraph into Google – no clear results of duplicate content, pasted the second, the third, down to the “authors bio” and no signs of duplicate content. I copied the article title into Google and clicked on the first result, it seemed a different article until I read one paragraph – it was the same article, same thoughts just in different words.

Then I realized that my method of checking, if articles are duplicate is invalid. This means that the check for all the articles that I did recently isn’t accurate and that I need to do it AGAIN! First emotional thought that came into my boiling head was – select all the blog posts and DELETE THEM! My logical brain quickly stopped me.

God damn it, I will have to recheck so many articles. Well, that’s life.

I wanted to build my business the quick way, by accepting guest posts, writing curated posts which did give me fast results, but not sustainable results.

So, I will be deleting a ton of blog posts again and leaving only the valuable ones. I know this will probably cut my already low traffic to even lower levels, because there will be less posts on my blog, but I think in the long run it will payoff, if Google lifts off the penalty.

I’m changing my whole content strategy. From now on I will only post quality guest posts on my blog, I wont post daily anymore, because it’s hard to find quality guest posts, I personally wont be writing on IMZ6 anymore, I’m doing a fresh start on Empower Network where I will share my marketing knowledge and again probably not daily, but in more detail than usual. Maybe I get back writing on IMZ6 one day, not sure, but for 2013 my eyes are set on Empower Network, my new blog you can find right here by the time you see it it should have valuable content on it.

The plan for IMZ6 is to build a news site about internet marketing, where people share their valuable content. Some sort of a community, but not sure when this vision will materialize and on Empower Network I will build my personal blog where I share all my marketing experiences.

I wish you all happy and prosperous new year!


Liudas Butkus

Skype: julius_ledux


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