How to Get Back to Safe SEO after Getting Penalized

safe SEO Getting back to what have been previously considered as safe and efficient is somewhat like starting and building-up the good status of the site once again. It is an after effect of the penalty, and many webmasters have already experienced that as the subsequent updates in the algorithm rules and webmaster guidelines were just like a hurricane in devastating the high traffic and ranking. That is undeniably one worst consequence that anyone involved in SEO may be facing.

But who’s to be blamed? Is it the Google which updates or rules are quite unpredictable and stringent, or the webmasters who are incompetent enough to comply what is being required from their sites? The fault can never be unjustly imputed to anyone without first knowing or considering the cause; nevertheless, it is noteworthy that, often times, the root issue when a site is being penalized is the violation of the guidelines such as having poor contents or unnatural links.

That is apparently the error which the webmaster should correct, but however, when things have already led to the penalty and the site can nowhere be found in the search results, it’s more than the obligation of the optimizer to get back to safe SEO. And the process of recovery in this case is commonly tough to go through; thus, following these steps may be helpful to you:

  • Evaluate Your Site’s Status – if you intend to begin anew after a devastating penalty, this is the initial step that you should take. You should know the causes or reasons that have led your site to be penalized, and after knowing such, it’s necessary to make changes based on the updates or guidelines, or better yet, if you do some research about the current requirements or demands by the search engine for a site to be considered safe. Likewise, if you find it helpful, you can use the webmaster tools in tracking the problem or you can directly address your concern to the Google team.

  • Eliminate Unnatural Links – having this type of link or otherwise tag as “spammy” is also a violation to the guidelines, and if not removed, your site could hardly move on from the penalty. Take time to check and review the inbound links and those which you have acquired from the external sites and immediately remove them upon discovery. If you cannot remove those which were caused by “Negative SEO”, it would be better to use the Google’s “disavow tool” so as to make the job easy. After which, you can then start again building your site’s identity or increasing your traffic by exerting effort on producing quality articles for guest posting to acquire links.

  • Formulate New Strategies – the strategies you have had may not already be applicable to the current requirements or rules set by the search engine; thus, there’s a necessity for you to modify, improve, or formulate new effective strategies which are not only efficient in generating traffic and ranking, but also excellent in converting them into leads and in outlasting the updates.

  • Feed Yourself with Updates – don’t stay behind the current trends in SEO for that might be your greatest disadvantage in pushing up your traffic or ranking and in competing with your rivals in the industry. This is likewise one strategy so you will be able to know the new updates released by the search engine for safe and efficient optimization.

  • Follow the Guidelines – nothing else, perhaps, can be much safer than following the guidelines which serve as one basis in determining how your site is doing in the search engine. If it does violate any of the guidelines, then for certain that could affect your ranking in search results. Hence, strict observance of the rule is the best way of avoiding the penalty and boosting your site’s productivity.

Indeed, it’s not easy to get back to safe and efficient optimization after getting penalized, but with your persistence in taking the right steps and looking forward to make everything new, you can stand up again and face the challenge of updates and close competition in the web.


Al Gomez is an SEO Consultant who helps small and large-scale businesses gain an online presence. As an administrator of Dlinkers SEO company, he has experience in handling various websites including Law, Ecommerce, Health, Engineering and many others. He also maintains a blog to make people aware of the most valuable information about Search Engine Optimization.


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