Seven Awesome Giveaway Prizes for Your Blog Under $100

Awesome Giveaway PrizesSponsoring a giveaway on your blog is an excellent way to attract new readers and reward your loyal followers. People get excited about giveaways because they give them the chance to own something cool without spending any of their own money, and just winning itself is an awesome feeling. You don’t have to offer an expensive vacation or a car; a giveaway doesn’t have to break the bank to be successful. Here are some great prize ideas for less than $100.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are great prizes because it allows people to buy whatever they want. You can use a prize of whatever denomination you want, and $100 is certainly a desirable amount. When using gift certificates as giveaway prizes, however, the store you choose is going to make a huge difference. Choose a popular store with a big selection of reasonably-priced items rather than an expensive store where $100 won’t buy much and selection is limited.


Another cool giveaway prize under $100 is a subscription to something like a magazine, newspaper, Amazon Prime, ShopRunner, or Netflix. Subscriptions are great because a giveaway winner can benefit from and enjoy their prize all year-round, again and again.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are always useful, and there are lots of them available for less than $100. For example, some small Keurig machines go for less than $100, as do many different coffee makers. Microwaves, toasters, steamers, crock pots, woks, waffle makers, and toaster ovens are just a few ideas of useful kitchen appliances that can go for less than $100 for some models.

Basic E-Readers

E-readers are nifty little gadgets that allow people to bring their entire library of books with them anywhere they go. You can’t go wrong by offering a simple e-reader as a giveaway prize. There are Kindles and Nooks that are available for less than $100. While they don’t have all the features or bells and whistles as more expensive versions, they are certainly useful and awesome still.

Small Electronics

When it comes to electronics, most of them sell for well above $100, but there are still plenty of awesome options that are less expensive. Electronics can include things like alarm clock radios, portable speakers for MP3 players, some MP3 players, printers, some digital cameras, and DVD players. Small electronics are great gifts that appeal to just about anyone in the 21st Century.

Computer Accessories

Computer accessories are also great prize ideas because most people have computers. You can branch out, of course, and offer accessories for things like tablets and smartphones, too. Laptop cases, smartphone cases, portable keyboards, wireless mice, flash storage drives, and other computer accessories are coveted, because they’re stylish and practical at the same time.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and accessories are also great giveaway prizes. Choose something that will appeal to the style of your main readership demographic if you have a niche blog. If your blog has a mix of readers, pick something unisex or offer more than one prize to the winner. Clothing items or accessories like belts, scarves, wallets, and jewelry are coveted prizes for everyone.

Celia J writes for Marketing Resources a group dedicated to contest and sweeps administration.


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