I Lost Motivation in My Network Marketing Business – What Should I Do?

network marketing leaderOnly If I could have lost motivation before I joined this income opportunity is how most folks feel “right after” they’ve joined a Network Marketing company. After, paying the initial start-up cost to become an Independent Distributor of their company, it seems that most folks that join an income opportunity, loose the enthusiasm that they captured prior to joining their business, but why?

Well, the pursuit of success within in the home business industry can be a challenging one, especially for those that’s new to the industry or lack experience as an entrepreneur.

Wait a minute – did I just say the “E” word “entrepreneur”? Yes indeed, which leads to the first concept that we need to understand right after we join an income opportunity.

Believe it or not, You’re an Entrepreneur.

If you’re a U.S citizen or reside in a country with similar laws, and you’re apart of a legal compliant Network Marketing company, then you’re legally considered an entrepreneur or specifically, a small business owner. Contrary to the opinion of many individuals, Network Marketing isn’t a get rich quick vehicle, although with the given opportunity one can literally write their own pay check with a significant amount of work.

While I’ll admit that the previous statement is a bit redundant, many folks join a company and run their business with a “lets see if this works mentality” opposed to a “this is my  business” mentality or state of mind, which is a huge difference and can have a great effect on one’s results with their home business. Moving forward…

Ok, so the very first thing that you must do is understand that you have a business and the amount of work that you put in, is usually that amount that you’ll get out. Understanding that you now have a business can play a huge role in your mental attitude and day-to-day business building actives.

Learning and Understanding your business/company model from A-Z

One of the very first thing that’s essential to your success within your Network Marketing company, is understanding your companies overall business model. Understanding your company’s vision, products… down to the compensation plan, is very essential as you’ll find that with understanding comes belief. Your belief in what you’re doing can ultimately lead to the amount of passion and faith that you’ll have when sharing the business with your prospects.

Find out if you believe in your products as well as the opportunity.

Once you come to a great understanding of your company’s business model, you’ll be able to decipher if you believe in the company or not. This calls for a moment of honest with one’s self and if you find that you don’t believe in your company, or your only reason for being apart of the company is to obtain a pay check, then you may find it fairly complex to build the business.

Simplified your business in 5 minutes or less.

Once you come to an understanding of how your company works, and you find out if you believe in the model or not, assuming you do believe in your company, the very next step is to figure out how to summarize the company in  5 minutes. This is very important for prospecting purposes, as your ability to summarize a business model in a short period of time, can dictate how your prospects respond to you and the business once you initially introduce it to them. Their has been many times were I myself shared a business with someone, and spent far to long on different aspects of the company, which caused prospects to lose interest, and causing a prospect to lose interest, o to information overload is one of the last things that we want to do as entrepreneurs.

Develop a gamelan to present your business to others

Developing a game plan or marketing plan to get your business in-front of prospects on a consistent basis is key. There are several ways that you can introduce your business to prospects on a consistent basis, be it by traditional offline tactics or Internet Marketing strategies. In this article, I don’t want to go into in-depth detail, about the various means of marketing and promoting a business, but below is a list of different strategies that you can implement in the process of introducing your business to others. I would advise you to thoroughly research each aspect of marketing below to see if any of these strategies, could be a fit for you and your business.


  • Search Engine Marketing (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) – Rank on the first page of the search engines for your company name and related keywords. Ex: Company A, Company A Review, Join Company A, Company A Team.
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Linked’n, Google +, etc.)
  • Network Marketing Communities (Empower Network, The Better Networker, Apsense, etc.)
  • Forum Marketing
  • Traffic Exchange
  • Solo Ads
  • Internet Radio Advertising (Blog Talk Radio Ads, Fiverr.com gigs,etc.)
  • Blogging
  • Youtube Video Marketing


  • Postcards
  • Business Cards
  • 3 Foot Rule
  • Local Classified Ads
  • Home Business Magazine Ads
  • Phone Broadcasting
  • Local Radio Ads

Leverage resources that available from your company and/or up-line

Many companies have weekly webinars, conference calls, Internet Marketing Tools, etc. by leveraging these resources can eliminate the process of selling someone on your company’s vision, products and compensation plan. More often than not, I summarize the company within in 5 minutes and redirect prospects to a video, webinar or even conference call in many instances to obtain more information on how the business works.

Each and every one of these different means of marketing can without a doubt help you position yourself/your business in front of more prospects on a consistent basis. I would also suggest that you look into Network Marketing training such as Maximum Leverage by Daegan Smith, as you’ll find a wealth of doable information inside of the Maximum Leverage membership site, that can take you from 0 leads to hundreds of leads daily in a fair period of time.

Ultimately, make sure your company is one that you believe in and provides value to the end user from a consumer and income opportunity perspective, and stay consistent with building it to success.

Ralpheal Jackson is an Internet Marketer from Detroit, MI. who provides S.E.M services to small businesses, and promotes a direct sales company by the name of Go Fun Places on www.teamfunplaces.com.


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