Another Google Panda Update

google panda traffic dropYet another Google Panda update was made on November 21st and yet again my blog’s traffic dropped. It feels like I’m getting hit by this panda over and over again and my traffic keeps dropping and dropping, the panda doesn’t even give me a chance to recover properly. It seems that I’m loosing the battle against Google, but I’m not giving up yet.

When the 22nd Google Panda refresh happened I was on vacation in Spain, when I got back I saw that I got hit, I didn’t knew what update that was, because Google was still hiding that information, but on November 30th it got clear that this is a Panda refresh. Another week has passed until I started reacting to this update (probably because I’m lazy).

So, this weekend I deleted more than 100 blog posts that I think aren’t Google Panda approved material. Here are the criteria that I followed for judging blog posts:

  • Significantly less than 300 words
  • Videos with just a couple paragraphs
  • Curated posts that had more than a short paragraph taken from somewhere else (mostly all of my curated posts)
  • Duplicate content (didn’t found it this time)
  • Old articles that have no value anymore

Based on these criteria I deleted more than 100 blog posts. Well, I’m not sure, if Google Panda started hating curated posts or not, but I don’t want to take the risk and being slapped by Google again. I will better get less traffic, but without worrying about another Google panda refresh.

Well, only a day has passed since I deleted all these articles, so my traffic isn’t back yet and actually I’m not sure, if I made my blog Google Panda compatible or not. If not then I’m actually have ran out of ideas what else could I do to get my traffic back.

In that case I will stop relying on Google’s traffic and concentrate on spreading the word about my site through social media and other places. Actually it seems that this is what Google wants, they don’t want to give you traffic, they want you to buy traffic from them.

I will let you know, if Google starts sending me the traffic again or not.


3 comments on “Another Google Panda Update

  1. Yikes! Sorry to hear that. Makes me wonder if I should do the same kind of cleanup on my own blog which has evolved over the years. I’ve been contemplating whether or not to delete my first year’s worth of posts which were totally unfocused. Will be curious to see if your traffic goes up again once your changes are recognized. Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted.
    Helen Hoefele recently posted..Can You Fake Creativity?My Profile

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