Starting An Online Business Is Easy, But Imprint These 6 Design Essentials On Your Mind

web Design EssentialsStarting a business has never been more easy than it is today. You don’t need much money to get started and can be up and running within a few hours. If you think back to how hard it was in the past you can really appreciate how lucky you are. A few years ago someone would maybe need to crawl into their bank and beg for some money. Now you can just buy a domain name for a few dollars and start a WordPress site on cheap hosting. Not only is it cheaper, but you also have access to most of the world. You won’t get that by opening a local store.

This is all great, but it’s not all as sweet as you would expect. If you’re not a designer or a programmer your business will look a lot worse than your competitor’s. You’ll have the online equivalent of a horrible business in a bad neighborhood. The people with the beautiful design will have the store in a posh suburb that everyone loves. The only way you can compete is by understanding a few important things about design, so you can make your website acceptable to a large majority of the people. We can go over a few of these things now.

Keep in simple looking

When you have no design experience that doesn’t mean you can go ahead and try some fancy things you think look great. They will probably scare the majority of people away. The best thing you can do is keep it nice and neat. Nothing too fancy that’s going to turn any heads. You might think this is counterproductive, but you only need people to buy your product. They don’t need to fall in love with your site.

People need to read it

There’s going to be a lot of fonts you can choose from. Remember that the goal with a great design is to have people land on your site and be able to read everything as easily as possible. It’s not to look pretty, wacky, or any other funky words you can think of. People need to read what your product is about, so they can buy it. They are not voting for you in a funky typography competition.

Don’t use fancy colors

Nobody likes fancy colors after they reach their teenage years. When you run a business it’s time to become professional. This usually means selecting a few colors that you will base your brand around. The background of your site should generally be light, so it doesn’t blend into your typography.

Get a decent logo

You don’t need to throw away hundreds of dollars on the most gorgeous logo you can find, but if you make one yourself it will look unprofessional. Remember the goal of your business is to make money. I don’t think the founders of huge companies sat and designed their own company logo. You can pick one up for pretty cheap without becoming homeless.

Use lots of photos

All the most boring websites you will ever come across will be filled with millions of words and have no lovely pictures. If you need to you can take a photo on your mobile and use that. There’s lots of places around the web where you can either buy photos, or use them for free. Just use some on your site so people will have their mind stimulated.

Your site shouldn’t be a maze

People should be able to find what they are looking for without going on a massive treasure hunt. Navigation will affect your bank balance. When someone can’t find the product you are selling they will go somewhere else. When they can’t find an article where you explain what the product does they will go somewhere else. Do you get the idea?

Josh Mackenzie is one of the most leading web designer in Toronto. He has some of the most reputed and illustrious companies as his clients. He loves blogging during his free time.


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