LinkedIn – The Numbers Behind This Professional Social Network

linkedin statisticsLinkedIn is a social network that caters to business professionals and owners.  This social network was one of the first to go public and initially sold for $9 billion.

LinkedIn has well over 100 million users, with around 60% of them being male and 40% being male.  With so many business professional and employees online, major companies have now integrated LinkedIn into their hiring process.  Corporate recruits and head hunters working for corporations actively reach out to LinkedIn users with job offers and promises of a new career.

However, major corporations are not the only ones using LinkedIn, small and medium sized businesses also use it to find new clients and hire employees.  It is also common place for non-profits and charities to be on LinkedIn for the purposes of networking, hiring and fundraising.

About half of the members of LinkedIn are from the US.  While it is growing internationally, the company has had the most success and seen the most growth in its home country.

Eric is the owner at Checkmate Marketing as well as a founding member of the Empower Network. His private site handles many different subjects incorporating online marketing, network marketing training, S.E.O., social media marketing, personal branding & home business marketing.

linked in statistics


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