Simple Technique To Get Quality DoFollow Backlinks In Any Niche

blog commenting This link building technique has been there for a long time, but as all techniques, thanks to “good” people who spam them, it lost its value and got abandoned as a link building strategy.

I’m talking about blog commenting. It was started as an innocent idea. You leave a comment and you are allowed to enter your site’s address next to your name and email. By leaving your blog’s address you create a backlink and this is some sort of repaying for leaving a comment, but soon this system got abused and those links got devalued by default with a nofollow attribute. 

NoFollow Links

Nofollow links are still links and they are counted by Google. To maintain a natural backlink profile that Google loves you will need nofollow links, but they are less valuable than dofollow links that transfer the link juice to the other site.

For this reason, commenting on blogs wasn’t anymore considered as a link building technique.

DoFollow Links From Comments

This week I talked about Why You Should Install CommentLuv On Your Blog, CommentLuv is a plugin which makes blog commenting a worthwhile link building strategy, because it rewards you with a dofollow link to your blog and it also gives extra exposure to your blog posts, they get showed off below your comment or in a menu when someone hovers over your comment.

Now I want to make a disclaimer. CommentLuv has quite a few settings and depending on the configuration on some blogs you might not get a dofollow link.

So, commenting on blogs that have CommentLuv installed is beneficial, because you get quality dofollow backlinks and extra exposure to your blog posts.

How To Find Blogs That Have CommentLuv Installed?

Even though CommentLuv is a pretty popular plugin, surely not all the blogs out there have it installed and to find blogs that have, isn’t that easy, but the development team of CL has thought about that and made a search engine of all the blogs that have CL installed. Search for CL blogs.

I tried it out and it didn’t work 100% right, there were some blogs that didn’t have CommentLuv installed, probably they had earlier, but uninstalled it. Still, it’s much better than searching the net blindly.

So, if you want to build backlinks for your site and get extra traffic then consider blog commenting, but don’t start spamming, your comments will get deleted and that wont be any good for you. Also leaving comments like thanks, good post etc. are considered spam. Leave a comment only, if you have something to say.


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2 comments on “Simple Technique To Get Quality DoFollow Backlinks In Any Niche

  1. NewChem says:

    One technique that has been seen again and again, there is unfortunately nothing new… However for those who are not aware, in addition to CommentLuv you can also look for KeywordLuv.

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