Why Online Backups Can Save Your Sanity

online backup You know how frustrating it is to misplace your keys. Imagine if your keys vanished before your eyes, never to return. Your computer files can do this. Luckily, backing up files has become a task you can outsource to experts. Online backup services take care of your data by providing secure storage and automatic backups. Here’s why you should consider using one.

What is an online backup service?

These companies simplify your backups by providing online storage space for your files and a reliable backup method. Your computer’s files are regularly synced with the copy kept by the backup service. This keeps the backup versions current without you having to think about it. Service fees are reasonable and based on the space and features that you need. Some services, such as Dropbox, offer a free plan for small users. Monthly subscription services include Carbonite and Mozy.

An online safe deposit box

You’ve heard of people who lost their data because the backup flash drive was stolen or ruined along with the computer. Online backup services provide secure storage space on their own servers. If damage or theft strikes you, your files are still safe because a copy of them is stored with the service. Your files are kept private and secure. You can access them online through the service?€?s website, but only by providing authentication.

Find your files anywhere

When was the last time you emailed yourself a file to have it available? With online backups, you can access your files from anywhere you can access the Internet. Many services also offer the ability to sync files between multiple computers and even mobile phones. Do family members or friends need to share files? You can choose which devices to sync and get everyone on the same page. If you want to share only certain files or directories, many services allow you to set access permissions. Peace of mind for pennies Your files are worth more than two lattes, right? A monthly subscription to an online backup service averages around $6 per month for the home user. Compare that to the time you would lose if you managed your own backups and something went wrong. With online backups, you won’t lose an evening trying to recover lost files or troubleshoot your backup system.

Instead, invest some time up front to research the best online backup for your needs. Your files hold many important parts of your life. Keep them safe and keep yourself happy.

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