Commission Engine X Review ( Stay Away )

Commission Engine X Review ( Stay Away )

Commission Engine X Review ( Stay Away )

I want to be clear right from the start, I’m writing this review not to promote Commission Engine X, but to warn about it and you will understand in a few seconds what I have in mind.

Commission Engine X Review

So I have bought Commission Engine X exactly a month ago, the sales page video was very convincing and I decided to purchase it, I bought the cheaper membership which was a bit more than $60 including taxes.

I started testing the site, it didn’t took long because there is nothing to test. They have put fancy names in their product list like article submitter, search engine submitter, but when you click on them you see a text like this “Feature will be available soon”, a month later nothing has changed. There is only one place where you can do something, it is the Commission Engine you put your website address and you should start getting traffic, but you have to track it yourself.

Well, I didn’t liked the site at all, it didn’t produce me any results so I decided to get a refund, I wrote to the support and they just gave me a link to their policy, which stated “Our 60 Day Refund Guarantee allows for a refund to be made if no traffic is delivered. If traffic is delivered, we cannot refund as our product has already been provided.” So in other word if you put your website in the Commission Engine you will not get your refund!

What do you think about this? I think this is stupid. Firstly, if I knew that I wouldn’t have purchased, 60 day money back guarantee means 60 days to test the product and if you don’t like it you can get a refund and how can you know is the product good or not, if you can’t test it out?

I would understand if I have bought traffic, like a solo ad, or banner impressions, I have received the traffic and then I would ask for a refund, that would be kinda evil. But this is different they don’t specify that they are selling traffic, but instead a traffic generation software and why would they put a refund guarantee if they would be selling traffic.

So I filled a dispute on Paypal, thank god I won and got my money back. So in conclusion stay away from Commission Engine X and people who promote it. For me it seems scamy to say you are giving a 60 day money back guarantee and don’t really honor it.


28 comments on “Commission Engine X Review ( Stay Away )

  1. Scott Bland says:

    Thank you so much for your HONEST review. I was actually seriously looking in to it for my opportunity


  2. Silversplode says:

    I bought the commission engine, too. The video is very compelling.

    So far, I have received over 470 visits to my blog with it. Not exactly what I was expecting, I was expecting that much traffic in about 2 hours, not 2 days.

    However, you do get to market this product by getting it. The referral link gives you the same web page as the one that drew you in.

    That, is one compelling advertisement!

    Anyhow, this stuff takes work, and these “organic, viral, automatic” traffic generators, may work better and better as more and more people use them?

    We’ll see.

  3. Silversplode says:

    Hundreds bounce. Run the other way. Suck product like most.

  4. Hennie says:

    Thanks for getting this out to everyone that consider buying Commission Engine X. I fell for the same sales pitch and after 60 days with no traffic will definately log a dispute with Paypal.

    Just another warning I see the exact program is now marketed as Traffic Bot X. Same website. Same scam. Stay Away!

  5. Dale says:

    Stay away. Commission Engine X s is a scam all the way. They will not let you withdraw the commissions you have earned and will not answer your support emails.

  6. russell says:


    thanks for the honest review, i too have been sucked in by the prospect of being able to use multiple referal links so i bought in fully, i have now put in a dispute with pay pal, i only bought it a few days ago, so i ma disputing on two counts, the fact that i have bought the full package and i don’t get to do what they said i could do, plus the 60 day money back promise. i will let you know how i the out come.

    i was so convinced that i even started to blog about it.

    like you all said the intro vid was very convincing, but when i got inside the program, i could see it wasn’t right.

    stay off it people.

  7. Marie Graham says:

    I was also amazed at the promises and graphics used to suck you into try this money maker. Thanks for looking-out. I was sucked into the work from home ( advertised at $97.00 and sold at $77 (The mom who made X amount with affiliate marketing). They lead you to believe that you will earn a great deal of money for $77. Your 2nd step is to talk to a specialist who tries to get you in a couple thousand dollars special training list, then there is an ala carte menu of items required to get your site up and running ($300 site) plus extras. They refuse to refund unless you implement their product for 90 days. People are always praying on those who need money the most.

  8. mereham says:

    Thank you so so much for this information.
    I was about to purchase this product because it related itself to the same name of another product called “Commission Engine” but without the X, which I thought this was the same site. Apparently, it is not open to the public – its an exclusive site available through Profit First Sale but the owner wanted USD$997 to join and I have been looking everywhere for information on if it was a scam or not.
    But anyway all the best in your endeavours.
    Thank you again.

    • ledux says:

      Haven’t seen or heard nothing about Commission Engine, but Commission Engine X is a no no.

    • Aneka says:

      I read your comment regarding the program Commission Engine. Currently i saw their presentation, and I wonder is it real or scam?
      Please, let me know if you have heard anth about this program or maybe you can share your own experience of using it.

    • Rebecca says:

      I have purchased the commission engine and have paid the $997 plus more for the upgrades, and it actually walks you through the whole process of setting up your site starting with choosing a really good niche that is most likely to bring in the most income… I NEVER use it so if you want to take a look into it without having to put out that much money I will let you take a peak by giving you my login info… just shoot me an email with “commission engine sneak peak” in your subject so I will know when I check my spam folder…. you can email me at rebeccalsmith8(eta)

      • ledux says:

        You really paid $997 and aren’t using it? Also I don’t remember Commission Engine X having such an expensive upgrade. Maybe we are talking about different products?

  9. Rozlina says:

    Thanks ledux for sharing your review with us. I was thinking of getting one.

  10. Commission Engine X is A SCAM, the website is still up and running and you can still log in. there is no traffic to your site, You can’t send a support ticket as their Zendesk account has expired. I am pretty sure they have created several sister sites one possibly being Traffic Bot X, I just signed up to it yesterday for free then you are expected to upgrade, I didn’t bother as the back office looked rather familiar, you guessed it Commission Engine X, so just be aware of this.

    • Rozlina says:

      Hi John, thank you for sharing this latest update. These kind of companies will never receive “second time” customers. Their loss! But I guess new suckers are born every day. We must always alert each other when we come across a scam. Alerts like this are very useful especially for newbies. Once again, thanks ledux for creating this page. Maybe you can create one page dedicated to newbies with advices, tips and alerts for them.

      • ledux says:

        It’s very strange how much traffic this blog post is receiving, because I wrote it a lot of time again, I think when the launch of this “product” was happening and even after so much time people are still searching about this product. They are promoting it really hard probably.

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