Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update

I just had to write about this new bird around. The Google penguin update. First was a panda, now a penguin somehow I think the next one will be a koala :D . So more about the update. I have two blogs this (IMZ6) and GBDeo. Both of them got affected by this update. IMZ6 went up and GBDeo went down almost 5 times, but I hope it will rise a bit, because the ranking are still changing.

Google Penguin Update

Strangely enough after this update I see a lot of old and pretty unpopular articles that I wrote start getting traffic. So what are the reasons why IMZ6 started getting more traffic? Well, because it is unique content I just comply with the rules of Google. And when bad sites got devalued mine got up and I get more traffic.

And what are the reasons why GBDeo traffic drop significantly. Well, it is a curated site as well as IMZ6, but IMZ6 has much more unique content that aren’t curated. Now, I can’t say that curation doesn’t work anymore, I’m still getting traffic, if it had stopped working I wouldn’t get any traffic at all. And another reason, which I think is the main one why I’m getting less traffic is because GBDeo is somewhat as a review site and after Google penguin update Amazon gets all the top rankings on Google and my blog is just too new to compete with Amazon.

If you don’t know what curation is you can read about it right here:

So what do you need to do to be penguin friendly?

The main thing that you need to do and this will keep you safe from any Google update is to provide value to your visitors. If you provide value visitors will come no matter what.

Next you should stop thinking about how to get top Google rankings with all the fancy SEO software, link building techniques and website optimization. Google doesn’t like that anymore and now it devalues your site for this. So don’t do that and climb up the ranking naturally.

So don’t be a spammer provide value and everything will be okay. And how did the Google penguin update affect your website? Leave your comments below.



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