Commission Robotics Review Done For You Traffic

Commission Robotics Review Done For You Traffic

I recently bought a software which is called Commission Robotics released by Done For You Traffic and i wanted to write a Commission Robotics review. All in all it is a product I do NOT recommend. So if you are planning to buy it read this carefully. 

They are having serious problems with accessibility and all with the support and also the other day when the site was working they had problems with the software, the videos that were written that was produced wasn’t found in my accounts also social sharing didn’t work and later on the day even though the site was working I couldn’t log in.

Well, what can I say this is just unprofessional, I’m feeling like a Beta tester. Still I haven’t asked for a refund ( for now ), maybe they will get everything fixed in a reasonable time period.

Commission Robotics Review Done For You Traffic

Now more of a review of the all product. The main offer is $3 then there is two upsells which are marketed as OTO’s (one time offers), but you can buy them later if you want so no pressure, just marketing tricks :D . The first OTO is $19 and the second one is $12. I bought all of them and and paid $34 + taxes. It is a pretty cheap software.

Main offer

For the main $3 offer you get the software which creates content ( videos, bookmarks, pdf documents) and all that content links to your 1 site. So you are getting quality backlinks to your site and of course targeted traffic. Well, for $3 you are getting a very good offer.

First Upsell

The first upsell is $19 (it could be $12 I’m not sure ) for which you get the chance to promote not 1 but 10 sites at once ( you can change the sites as much as you want, but you can’t have more then 10 at one moment). Well, in my opinion I would rather had paid half the price and got 5 sites, not because I don’t have enough sites to promote ( don’t even ask how much do I have lol ), but there is a limit in the software which doesn’t let you create too much content in one day. I think the limit is roughly 10-5 videos, pdf documents etc. per day. So if you add 10 sites you wont produce a lot of backlinks to them. I added only 5 and still I think I’m not getting enough backlinks.

Second Upsell

Second upsell $12 you get the feature of producing social bookmarks and stuff. I can’t say nothing about it because it didn’t work. Also I haven’t seen any video produced so I think that didn’t work as well. So the only thing I saw working was the pdf document producer and in my opinion it could be better. It doesn’t create hyperlinked links to your site just regular text that you have to copy and paste to your browser which isn’t very good, but the created pdf’s attracted a lot of views.

In conclusion this product still needs a lot of fixing, if all the bugs gets fixed it might be a pretty good product.

I will try to keep you updated about commission robotics, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

I have already got my refund, because I don’t see that this product is going to get fixed.


10 comments on “Commission Robotics Review Done For You Traffic

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  2. Ian says:

    Thanks very much for this honest reveiw.

  3. milagros ruiz says:

    I too purchased it and failthly did it everyday, never saw any videos on youtube and also some social network. now when I sign on it tells me my password don’t work so I ask for a new one for the last two month and I don’t get a responce from them at all. I have writte them still no response. all this happened after i attended their seminar. they said since we helped them out on the beta that we can go into the new and improve program for no charge. what a bull of crap. I guess he need those dollar more than we do, and to think my husband has not worked in over to year because of the economy and someone else takes my money and run.

  4. I purchased CR. And I personally think its a scam. I paid my $3 and logged on a few times and then never again. But i learned my lesson with these morons who create sites like this. I don’t purchase anything anymore unless I see a money back guarantee with at least 60 days. I hope the owner of this site looses all his money on his crack addiction. He is nothing but a scam artist. I will never buy anything from this guy anymore. Commission Robotics is a big scam.

    • ledux says:

      yeah you have to review read some reviews before buying something nowadays :)

      • I also purcthased this program and the customer service is terrible; they don’t answer the questions. I have contacted some f the sponsered(websites my done for you website goes to) and they either don’t use affiliate accpunts or never heard of commision robitics . Some of the sites are even for sale. The only thing accomplished are a increase in links with NO Traffic or views. I have searched for some of the videos and could not find them . I have contacted some of thse we sign up to promote the sites and they are not aware of Comision Robotics either. I am beginning to think our websites are not recinized because they are not registered or truewebsites. I at this time would not recommend anyone and quite unsatisfied with the program , their customer service, and the owner of this program. What good are links(even if hundreds) if they go nowhere or to the real site we are affliates for ??

  5. kittyclark says:

    I also purchased CR. I cannot tell you how frustrated I have been with support. Nothing has worked since I purchased it. I signed up all my accounts and nothing. Nothing nothing. How can support keep sending me same response to 12 tickets in two weeks? I can’t tell you how upset I am over this site. I checked and triple checked my accounts are verified and it still doesn’t work. The same generic response over and over was the first indication that I am on my own here. I can’t rectify the problem so I am just going to have to give up. Its a shame though, all the time I spent on this to have it not work at ALL.

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