IMZ6 Is Officially Social

As you might noticed there are now all the main social buttons on IMZ6: +1, like, tweet, share and others.

Firstly I was just using the plugin called SexyBookmarks which is an awesome plugin, you could have seen it in action at the bottom of my posts. It has many many buttons that you can add, a lot of them I don’t even know, but there’s also the main ones Facebook, twitter, StumbleUpon… There’s also a lot of buttons that I think nobody will use in ages like squidoo, blogger or tumblr (these buttons share your whole article on other platforms) or gmail, hotmail (those buttons emails your article) there’s also more unpopular buttons which nobody uses, but you can use only those that you want.

Even though it is a cool plugin I no longer use it, mainly because there isn’t a google +1 button and now I’m using Sharebar which has everything or if it doesn’t you can add it up :) .

You can find the sharebar floating on the left. In this small bar you can find a lot of social sharing buttons the three main ones are google +1 (you have to install it manually), facebook and twitter. Those are the buttons that get used most of the time. You might think I’m missing out by just using 3 buttons, but there is also the “share” button, when you click it a list of all the other buttons appears. People mostly use the 3 main buttons so I think there’s no need to have any other buttons taking space on the bar, if someone will want they will find other button in the table.

What do you think about the changes? Better or worse?


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